Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Keep Your Schools Safe Guide Discussed on The Yeshiva World Website

The Yeshiva World website has recently done an article about the Keep Your School Safe guide written by Frank Storch. In their article, they explain why this guide is so important for Jewish schools of all denominations. As they wrote, "KYSS is intended for all Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and Community Day schools. In addition, it will also be sent to Jewish organizations, synagogues, and camps. A similar guide is being prepared for all public and private schools throughout North America."

The guide, as they explained, has been recommended by many esteemed organizations. It has been recommended by security organizations like The Secure Community Network and SWAT members. It has also, as the article explained, "been recognized by the Agudath Israel of America and The Orthodox Union as an essential safety and security resource." The article explains that the " guide helps schools conduct a thorough security review to help them carefully evaluate and improve school safety."

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