Saturday, July 20, 2013

Frank Storch: Addressing the Safety Issue in Our Schools

It is hard to think of an issue more prominent and crucial in today’s world than safety and security. That is why Frank Storch’s guide to school safety, “Keep Your School Safe” is such a valuable and useful publication. The guidebook is available on-line, downloadable and completely free. Here are some tips taken from Frank Storch’s publication, Keep Your School Safe.

•    Is there anything unique to the school’s geographical location or building infrastructure that needs to be addressed specifically with regard to security?

•    Is daily traffic in and out of school grounds monitored by guards, cameras and/or video surveillance?

•    Has the school considered using a guard station/booth with a uniformed guard present during school hours?

Take some time, look over the guidebook, and get your school to a high level of safety.

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