Sunday, December 15, 2013

Keep Your School Safe: a 44 Page Guide

In a recent article, Frank Storch's Keep Your School Safe guide was discussed. As the article explained,

"He estimates that it took hundreds of hours to write the 44-page “Keep Your School Safe,” which includes checklists of safety and security protocols that ask school officials to score their facilities on a wide variety of security concerns. For example, the guide asks if lockdown procedures are in place in every classroom, whether all interior and exterior doors are designed to close automatically and securely and if teachers are required to carry two-way radios when they’ve taken children outdoors.

The article continued:
"The book also includes a “Bomb Threat Response Checklist”—with suggested questions to ask the caller, such as “Where is the bomb?” and “What does it look like?”—and urges the school to distribute a questionnaire to all staff members to assess how they view the school’s safety procedures. In addition, it provides a list of websites for resources such as the Department of Homeland Security and Community Security Service."

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