Thursday, November 22, 2012

Frank Storch Works to Assist Hurricane Victims

Baltimore Jews have been working endlessly to provide Hurricane Sandy victims with the support they so desperately need.

According to the Jewish Times:

“The day after the storm on Oct. 31, efforts began. Frank Storch, founder and operator of the Chesed Fund, called Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler to help him arrange for the purchase of $135,000 worth of emergency supplies, including generators, 250 gas cans, 50 sump pumps, 1,000 lanterns and thousands of batteries from Home Depot.”

“The items were brought to New York just one day following the storm,” Storch said, “and sold to residents at the true and fair price- often at cost. Some paid with checks and IOUs, as trust triumphed avarice."  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Chesed Fund Takes New York

Along with several other organizations, Frank Storch and his Chesed Fund recently traveled to New York to deliver five truckloads of batteries, flashlights, generators and other emergency supplies to Hurricane Sandy victims.

His teamed joined the hundreds of other volunteers to help the cleanup and repair crews, while providing personal help to any family in need.

Synagogues and other institutes in the area opened soup kitchens and open mealtimes for those affected by the disaster, as well.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Frank Storch Hosted Etz Chaim BBQ

Last year, Frank Storch and his wife Danielle Sarah Storch hosted a Partners in Torah barbecue in the backyard of their home in Baltimore.

The event was organized by Etz Chaim: the Center for Jewish Living and Learning, an organization working to encourage pride in Jewish identity and heritage. According to their website, they serve hundreds of students and adults with numerous programs.

Frank Storch is a Baltimore community activist who founded both the Chessed Fund and CERT; two organizations that provided immense aid to Hurricane Sandy victims across the East Coast. The organizations are known to provide supplies such as batteries, flashlights, freezer packs and emergency transportation during such crises.