Sunday, September 29, 2013

Frank Storch Discusses Tikun Olam

Taking inspiration from his father, Frank Storch
Frank Storch
wrote the following last August in an article found in the Jewish Times of Baltimore. Here is a quote from that article:

“I take tremendous inspiration from my father, O”BM, M. Leo Storch. He lived and breathed the message of tikkun olam.  My father lived his life with a mission of sanctifying the name of God.  He was filled with integrity and always chose to do more than just “the right thing.”  When a buyer for a building lot was unable to continue making payments my father told him “if you can’t use my lot I can’t use your payments” and returned every previous monthly payment to him.  When county building codes were not adequate enough to ensure long-term safety and stability for a building, my father would go above and beyond what was required at his own expense.   As a real estate owner, his tenants always knew that if they couldn’t pay the rent in time, my father would do what he could to extend the time in order to keep them in business. On many occasions, he would fund businesses to get them on their feet. My father went as far as borrowing money to donate to charitable causes that were in dire need of financial assistance.”

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Philanthropy a Tradition in Frank Storch Family

Frank Storch learned the importance
of giving from his mother Hannah
Frank Storch, Baltimore-based philanthropist, is an apple that did not fall far from the tree. Hannah and Leo Storch were key players in the Baltimore Jewish community during the 18 years of their marriage. Leo was the founder of the Baltimore “Vaad of Kashrut” now known at the Star-K. Mr. Storch also was the president of the Bais Yaakov School for Girls, in addition to other pivotal roles he played in the community.

Unfortunately Leo passed away in 1972, but that did not stop Hannah, his widow, from running with the ball of support, help and good deeds for her fellow Jews in Baltimore.

Frank Storch explained what a privilege it was to grow up and learn from his parents. He said that even though they were both incredibly busy people, their children received nothing but “Love, time and attention from our very generous mother.”

“We learned the importance of community service, volunteer work and charitable contributions. We learned the importance of listening to the needs of the community and of acting to fulfill those needs,” Frank Storch added.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Frank Storch Teams Up with Israel Bethea to Calm Tensions in Baltimore

Frank Storch and Israel Bethea decided they could not just sit back and let the rise in tension after the not-guilty Zimmerman verdict go unchecked. So Frank Storch went out and bought up hundreds of bottles of icy cold water, and with Bethea’s help, drove around town distributing them.

Frank Storch Calming Tensions in Baltimore
Israel Bethea, who is not only an African American, but also a German Jew, said that “people were so thankful.”

Storch and Bethea ended up giving out almost 400 bottles of water to people they saw as they drove up and down Park Heights Avenue and Reisterstown Road in Baltimore. At one point they even got on a bus to give out water to the grateful riders.

Bethea, who believes there are misunderstandings between the African-American and Jewish communities, said that distributing the water bottles was a great way to help mitigate some of the tension between the two groups.

“People were sincerely thankful,” said Bethea. “It was something small we could do to allay some tension. I was glad to be a part of it.”

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Frank Storch Alerting Public to Think Before Installing Smart Meters

Home owners can defer installation of the smart meter if they desire
In a recently published brochure from Frank Storch, he suggests that citizens defer the installation of smart meters until they become more informed about the issues.

Beginning in the fall BGE (Baltimore Gas and Electric) will begin replacing analog electric meters with what are called ‘smart meters.’ Many people, including Frank Storch, are requesting no-cost deferrals of the installation so that they can learn more about any dangers or inconveniences associated with the smart meters. They will then have the knowledge to make an informed choice about whether or not they want the installation performed by BGE.

The brochure suggests that Baltimore residents contact Mr. Jonathan Libber, president of Maryland Smart Meter Awareness (MSMA.)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Frank Storch and Smart Meters in Baltimore

Smart Meter may not be so smart
Frank Storch recently published a brochure to help residents in Baltimore County make an informed decision about whether to allow Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) to install smart meters into people’s homes.

Storch emphasizes that BGE is offering citizens the ability to request a deferral of the planned installation until a time when each family has done the necessary research to determine if they ultimately will accept a smart meter installed in their homes.

The brochure includes a message from Frank Storch, which reads, in part:

September 2013
Dear Fellow Community Members,
We are reaching out to you concerning a vital issue which could strongly impact all of our lives. As you may know, BGE is planning to install Smart Meters into all of our homes, businesses and schools. This could create serious health, safety, privacy and halachic issues. It is imperative for the community to join together to prevent this impending danger until more conclusive research has been completed.

The message continues by calling for a united campaign to say no to the installation of the Smart Meter devices, and warns that without any reaction from the public the meters will be installed automatically.