Sunday, September 29, 2013

Frank Storch Discusses Tikun Olam

Taking inspiration from his father, Frank Storch
Frank Storch
wrote the following last August in an article found in the Jewish Times of Baltimore. Here is a quote from that article:

“I take tremendous inspiration from my father, O”BM, M. Leo Storch. He lived and breathed the message of tikkun olam.  My father lived his life with a mission of sanctifying the name of God.  He was filled with integrity and always chose to do more than just “the right thing.”  When a buyer for a building lot was unable to continue making payments my father told him “if you can’t use my lot I can’t use your payments” and returned every previous monthly payment to him.  When county building codes were not adequate enough to ensure long-term safety and stability for a building, my father would go above and beyond what was required at his own expense.   As a real estate owner, his tenants always knew that if they couldn’t pay the rent in time, my father would do what he could to extend the time in order to keep them in business. On many occasions, he would fund businesses to get them on their feet. My father went as far as borrowing money to donate to charitable causes that were in dire need of financial assistance.”