Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hannah Storch, Mother of Frank, Honored at Breakfast Reception

Hannah Storch, mother of Frank Storch, was honored in October for her past and ongoing role as a community leader in the Baltimore Jewish community. The occasion was the 30th anniversary of the founding of Jews for Judaism, a brainchild of Hannah, her husband Leo, and a group of other concerned Jewish leaders in the early 1980s.

Hannah Storch
Hannah explained that when her, her husband and several others met to decide what to do about the increasing problem of missionaries targeting Jews, almost no one even knew this was an issue.

“We got together, five of us, at my home, and we decided to organize a group, go out and do something,” said Mrs. Storch. “This was something really new. Most people knew little about these missionaries; the only ones familiar with it were those hurt by it. I felt we had to do something right away.”

“She made it happen,” said Jews for Judaism Executive Director Ruth Guggenheim. “Hannah not only had the knowledge and the vision, but the wherewithal to start Jews for Judaism and the true commitment to the Jewish community that such an organization would be developed.”

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