Sunday, August 25, 2013

Anti-Defamation League Has Praise for Frank Storch Guidebook

Frank Storch Wrote "Keep Your School Safe"
Referring to the safety guidebook "Keep Your School Safe," recently published by Frank Storch, the Anti-Defamation said,
“We think it’s a useful resource and a welcome complement to our materials.” 
This statement, made by Elise Jarvis, the ADL’s associate director of law enforcement outreach and communal security, is high praise indeed, considering that the ADL distributes its own safety guidelines booklet.

Frank Storch is uniquely positioned to produce such a useful booklet as a security consultant and the coordinator for the Northern Park Heights Community Response Team in Baltimore. Storch says that he was able to receive some guidance from law enforcement groups and SWAT teams. He also elicited help from US-based and Israeli security and school professionals.
“They gave us a little bit of feedback,” Storch remarks.