Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Parents Participate in Keeping Schools Safe

Parents Get Involved in Keeping their Kid's Schools Safe
Among the many responsibilities parents have for their children, one with a top priority is keeping them safe.

Now that Frank Storch has sent his guidebook “Keep Your School Safe,” to all Jewish schools throughout North America, parents can encourage those schools to implement the procedures.

“It is imperative that parents get involved to make changes,” emphasizes Frank Storch. “Parents play a key role in helping the schools turn these ideas into actions. Especially in light of recent events, there can no longer be any doubt that all parents must encourage and maximize safety in their children’s schools.”

After receiving the booklet, one parent became quite happy, and relieved:

“I was totally blown away,” Mrs. Rosenstock said. “It put me in tears, I was so grateful.”

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