Monday, March 18, 2013

Ohr Simcha Offers Baltimore a Warm Shul Environment

After more than twenty years Congregation Ohr Simcha has been a vibrant, but small gathering place for Jews in Baltimore. About one and a half years ago the decision was made to take the leap, and more their premises and see if they could continue to offer the warm, intimate feel of the small shul, while at the same time expanding into a larger, more comfortable facility.

With the generous help of Frank Storch and his wife Danielle Ohr Simcha was able to more into larger premises on the Storch’s property. Since then the congregation has been growing by leaps and bounds. Yet, they have not lost their special welcoming character which allows all different types of Jews to feel comfortable within. The characteristics that made the shul so special in the first place are still present: sincere and respectful davening (prayer), a warm atmosphere, and a strong feeling of community.