Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Baltimore Women's Orchestra

Danielle Sarah Storch, wife of community activist Frank Storch, recently wrote an article discussing a Jewish, all-women orchestra. She herself is a violinist and a member of the group.

The Baltimore Women’s Orchestra was founded this past summer by three determined women; flutist Esther Newman, violinist Tzippora Caplan, and her mother, Chani Caplan.

The orchestra now has 22 members, including three violists, one oboe player, twelve violinists, three cellists, two flutists and a French horn player. Noted violinist Dr. Mark Singer conducts the orchestra.

Esther Newman opened up about the project:

“We put out the ads for the orchestra in several locations, not knowing how many interested women would respond. Not only were we so excited with the number of women who contacted us, but their eagerness and sincerity was something to behold. Those that hadn’t played in years were getting their instruments restrung and their bows re-haired, one woman actually purchased a new instrument, while another looked for a rental. Each and every one made a point at how tremendous we sounded at that first rehearsal. It was and it remains a wonderful and a pleasurable experience each and every time we meet.”

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